Webroot Parental Controls

Webroot Parental Controls 5.0

Developer Webroot, Inc.

Control usage time limits and web contents filtering with this easy-to-use tool.

Net Nanny Parental Controls

Net Nanny Parental Controls 6.5

Developer ContentWatch

SBC Yahoo! Parental Controls

SBC Yahoo! Parental Controls 2.1

Developer Yahoo!

Zynewave Podium

Zynewave Podium 3.2

Developer Zynewave

With this tool you can record MIDI and audio inputs simultaneously.


Firefox Parental Controls Plugins

PC Chaperone

PC Chaperone 5.7

Developer Precipice Software

Internet filters, parental controls, instant messenger controls, user monitoring.

Plugins for Mozilla Firefox

Plugins for Mozilla Firefox 2.0

Developer JYU

BoxedApp Packer

BoxedApp Packer 3.3

Developer Softanics

Pack your program and third-party dependencies in a single executable file.


Plainamp 0.2

Developer Sebastian Pipping

Plainamp is a free, open source audio player for Microsoft Windows.

Hidetools Parental Control

Hidetools Parental Control 4.1

Developer Hidetools

HT Parental Controls offers an unparalleled level site and system restriction.


LiveProfessor 1.2

Developer ifoundasound

LiveProfessor is designed to be a effect rack of VST-plugins.

AT&T Parental Controls

AT&T Parental Controls 6.2

Developer AT&T Corporation

WebSpirit Internet Browser

WebSpirit Internet Browser 3.0

Developer OBriens Computer Service

WebSpirit is a very fast, customizable, lightweight Web Browser.

CA Parental Controls

CA Parental Controls 6.2

Developer CA

NETGEAR Live Parental Controls Management Utility

NETGEAR Live Parental Controls Management Utility 2.1

Developer Mozilla


Firefox Parental Controls Plugins

NETGEAR Live Parental Controls User Utility

NETGEAR Live Parental Controls User Utility 2.1

Developer ResEdit

Loving Eye

Loving Eye 1.0

Developer Browne International Inc.

While parental controls you may be able to limit your child's online activity.

EarthLink Parental Controls

EarthLink Parental Controls

Developer EarthLink, Inc.

Black lightning

Black lightning 1.0

Developer jayonas

GStreamer WinBuilds (GPL)

GStreamer WinBuilds (GPL) 0.1

Developer OSSBuild

A build system that is compatible with the autotools and MS Visual Studio build.


exVim 8.05 beta

Developer Jie Wu

exVim is a package intgerate ex-vim-plugins, 3rd-vim-plugins and external-tools.

CyberPatrol Parental Controls

CyberPatrol Parental Controls 7.7

Developer CyberPatrol

This allows you to exert parental control over your kids’ online activities.

ZoneAlarm Parental Controls

ZoneAlarm Parental Controls 6.5

Developer ZoneAlarm


FirePassword 4.0

Developer SecurityXploded Inc

Firefox Console based Sign-on Password Recovery Tool.

acdONE Antivirus + Total Security

acdONE Antivirus + Total Security 15.0

Developer ACD Systems International Inc.

This is the best antivirus technology and parental controls available today.

Yahoo Parental Controls

Yahoo Parental Controls 1.0

Developer Yahoo!